It’s easier than you’d think —and this crack team has perfected the art.

Photo by Diane Picchiottino on Unsplash

The year is 1973, and, across America, eight secret agents spring into action.

Not “secret agents” in the ordinary sense of the world, though.

There is a psychology student, three trained psychologists, and a psychiatrist — as well as a pediatrician, a painter, and a housewife. …

Uyghur children frequently fall into comas… but only in Sweden, and nobody knows why.

“Stop Uyghur Genocide.” China has been rounding up Uyghur Muslims into concentration camps for years now, with little hindrance from the international community. Photo by Kuzzat Altay on Unsplash

As far as psychiatric diseases go, Uppgivenhetssyndrom, the Swedish for “Resignation syndrome”, is a perplexing one.

Here is how a typical case might play out:

  • The eldest child of an Uyghur or Roma refugee (these ethnic groups are overrepresented in all cases of Uppgivenhetssyndrom, and it is almost always the…

Honestly, he’s his own worst enemy at this point

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Wasting money can be done in many ways.

Sometimes, it’s pretty innocuous. Throwing money in a wishing well, maybe, or buying a lottery ticket here and there.

Sometimes wasting money is more serious.

For most of us, a mild gambling addiction, a hasty and poorly thought-out investment, or a spontaneous…

Prevention > treatment.

Photo by Myriam Zilles on Unsplash

Imagine this.

You’re driving in a car, travelling way too fast, when you hit a patch of ice.

Would you rather: (a) have had signs warning you of the danger of ice, causing you to travel slower, and traverse the ice safely; or, (b), have a highly-trained, effective local paramedic…

How I significantly levelled up my endurance running ability (by not being a moron, for once…)

Photo by Zan on Unsplash

Ah, running.

It hurts. It’s (almost?) never fun. We do it anyway.

I’ve recently taken on the challenge of running the Huntingdon Marathon in April of this year, raising money for the Alzheimer’s Society.

Truth be told, I’ve never run a marathon before. I’ve only done one actual race, and…

Rory Cockshaw

I write about science, philosophy, and society. Occasionally whatever else takes my fancy. Student @ University of Cambridge, Yale Bioethics alum.

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